Barrie Jones Memorial Award Lecture

In 2015, the Open University and the Astrobiology Society of Britain announced a new award to recognise individuals who make an exceptional contribution to the community through outreach and education work relating to astrobiology.

The Barrie Jones Award was established to remember Prof Barrie Jones (1941 – 2014), an enthusiastic and inspiring advocate for astronomical outreach and engagement. See here for more information about Barrie and recordings of previous Award Lectures.


This year’s winner: Áine O’Brien, University of Glasgow.

Áine is a PhD student at the University of Glasgow studying organic compounds in meteorites; she is also a former high school physics teacher and former Diversity Officer at the Royal Astronomical Society. In her spare time she enjoys making the most of the Scottish hills, as well as inviting herself to play dates with all her friends’ pets.

CSI: Lafayette
Constraining the fall history of the martian meteorite Lafayette using organic contaminants

Áine O’Brien

The 2022 Award Lecture will take place at BPSC2022 on Thursday, 23rd June at 18:00.