Keynote Speakers

We’re excited to welcome our keynote speakers to BPSC2022! 


Dr Natasha Stephen, University of Plymouth

Dr Kevin Olsen, University of Oxford

Kevin is a Co-Investigator of the Atmospheric Chemistry Suite (ACS) investigation in orbit around Mars on the ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter, specializing in measuring trace gas abundance. 

Dr Eva Stüeken, University of St Andrews

Eva studies the origin and early evolution of life on Earth, using laboratory experiments, geochemical models, and investigations of the ancient rock record.

Dr Ashley King, Natural History Museum

Ashley studies the mineralogy and chemistry of extraterrestrial materials to understand the formation of the solar system and origin of planets.


Dr Carly Howett, University of Oxford

Dr. Howett studies the structure, colour, and composition of worlds in the outer solar system through the development and use of space-based instrumentation.

Dr Romain Tartese, University of Manchester

Romain is interested in developing and applying in situ microbeam analytical techniques to address key science questions such as the formation and early geological evolution of small planetary bodies, the volatile inventory of small planetary body interiors, and how did life appear in the Solar System.

Prof. Emma Bunce, University of Leicester

Emma’s main research interests have focused on the giant rotating magnetospheres of Jupiter and Saturn, with a particular desire to explore and understand the mechanisms which generate the dynamic auroral emissions in their upper atmospheres.

Dr Andrew Rushby, Birkbeck, University of London

Andrew is interested in biogeochemical controls on long-term planetary habitability, terrestrial exoplanet characterisation, atmospheric dynamics, and biosignatures.