2023 Update

BPSC Update for 2023


After the success of the last three BPSC meetings, we are looking for volunteer local organizing committee(s) to host the next BPSC at their institution and are soliciting proposals from the community. The proposals will be reviewed by a panel of sponsors, previous hosts, and community organisations.

If you would like to be considered, please send () a short presentation (~5 slides) by the 20th of February clearly indicating:

1. Where it will be hosted
What institution will host the conference? What lecture theatres and event spaces are available? How will these spaces be utilized for presentations?

2. Who will run the conference
How will the local organizing committee be developed? The BPSC 2022 team was a volunteer committee of ECRs, and we are happy to work with the new local organizing committee to offer logistical support.

3. How you might structure the program
Please provide a rough draft of the plan for the program, including length of conference and how do you plan to give value to all submissions. Consider: How might you plan the program? What kind of presentations styles, including hybrid and in-person options, do you think might work well at BPSC 202X? Will you offer pre-conference workshops or post-conference field trips?

4. An estimate of cost breakdown
How will the costs of the conference be covered?

5. A plan to address Inclusion, Diversity, Equitability, and Accessibility
It should be clear that you have considered how you will advance Inclusion, Diversity, Equitability and Accessibility throughout the proposal but we would like a specific section to identify how you will use the facilities available to support representation accessibility. How will you handle a hybrid element to ensure maximum participation of the British Planetary Science community?


We are excited to see your vision for the future of BPSC!

All the best,

The BPSC2022 organising committee